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With Seaport Diagnostics DNA tests, you can confirm things you always suspected about yourself, and discover things you never knew.

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Get a snapshot of your genes.

A DNA test compares a sample of your genetic material against known genetic sequences, based on established scientific and medical research. Our CLIA certified laboratories analyze these comparisons to generate your personalized profile.

Genes Snapshot
Look behind the science.
Your genetic material, called DNA, looks like a long twisted ladder.
Each rung of the ladder is composed of molecules called nucleotides.
These nucleotides are: adenine (A), thymine (T), cytosine (C), and guanine (G).
The nucleotides are arranged in “codes” that form the blueprint of you.
Your entire genetic code contains around 3 Billionnucleotide pairs.
99.9% of your DNA code sequences are identical to those of every other person.
Just 0.1% varies between people.
That difference is what makes us unique.
A DNA test compares your DNA code sequences against a giant library of traits and conditions.
There are code sequences for hundreds of thousands of things, from lactose intolerance to aptitude for learning.
The results you receive from your DNA test depend on what it is looking for.
For example, the Seaport Diagnostics
FITNESS test looks at
different gene sequences that may influence your fitness potential, from muscle endurance to recovery.
FAQ About Genetic and Genomic Science.” National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI). Accessed 25 May 2017.

Find out what a DNA Test can — and can't — do.

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Provide clues about your body and mind.

It's nice to get a little more insight into why you might be the person you are. Have the gene for perfect pitch? No wonder you've always been a karaoke rock star!

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Determine who you are.

The genetic code for a particular trait is only one influence among many. So if your genes predispose you to lower-than-average muscle strength, that doesn’t prevent you from training to build strength. Consistent, dedicated effort may help you build great strength over time.

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Help you make better choices.

Knowing more about your genes helps you tailor your lifestyle to what suits you best. For instance: If your genes suggest you might metabolize caffeine more slowly than the norm, you may want to consider watching your daily intake.

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Predict your exact future.

A DNA test is not a diagnosis. Think of it instead as an analysis of your potential to have certain traits: If you have a gene for a particular attribute, it means you may have only a higher chance of developing it.

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Hint at what might lie ahead.

Your genes can help you see what might lie ahead. For example, if you have a gene associated with faster-than-average skin aging, you can take extra good care of it now to help offset that genetic influence.

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Tell you what to do next.

Since a DNA test is not a diagnosis, you should be cautious in how you interpret the results. While you may not have the gene linked to strong math ability, don’t throw out your textbooks! You should always use common sense when interpreting your results.

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Our clinical diagnostics and consumer genomics offerings are fundamentally changing the way people manage their health. We’re focused on developing and delivering innovative products and services that enable you to take proactive control of your wellbeing, processed using safe and secure technologies.

Fighting the COVID-19 pandemic through our testing solutions.

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Since April 2020, we’ve been helping nursing homes, homeless shelters, schools, sports teams, and countless other organizations stay safe through our comprehensive COVID-19 testing solutions. We developed our own COVID-19 tests which are run in our CLIA-certified laboratories utilizing our PCR technology. Through our COVID-19 efforts, we have made significant advancements in providing increased accessibility in diagnostic testing.

Keeping your information safe through our innovative technology.

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Any test that you take is sent directly to our CLIA-certified laboratories, where our scientists analyze the sample to provide you with the results. Subsequently, your results are encrypted and sent back in our secure mobile app. Rest assured we will not use your information in any way other than sending it directly to you.

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