Sample Status

  •   Should I send a multiple cheek swabs or just one?
  • Our lab can usually process several test kit results from one swab, but since some people's genes are harder to process than others we will eventually run out of extracted DNA.

    For this reason we usually suggest that customers register every swab in our app and mail us DNA swabs for the kits that they purchase.

    There is no additional cost and it will ensure that we have a large collection of DNA to extract and genotype from.
  •   When Will My Results Be Ready?
  • Our entire team at Seaport Diagnostics does everything we can to deliver each individual's results in an efficient and reliable way. Sample processing usually takes 6-8 weeks but there are multiple reasons that could cause a delay, including the following:
    • Not enough cells collected to enable our lab to extract enough concentrated DNA
    • Some individual's swab is more difficult to extract than others. We always perform multiple attempts before requesting a new sample. It is critical to swab VIGOROUSLY prior to sending in your swab.
    • Your swab was not registered appropriately. Please ensure that you register the swab code that is on the swab itself, not the UPC box code. This is a common mistake people make.
    • Your swab was lost/damaged in transit. Unfortunately, this can happen, but we are happy to send you a replacement if you reach out to our support team
  •   Oops! I Forgot To Register My Swab Before Mailing
  • In the event that you mail your swab to our lab without registering there are a few things you can do.

    1. Check to see if you wrote down the swab code number anywhere.

    2. Contact us to find out if we might have documented your swab kit in our system before mailing it to you. Note that this would only apply to specific branded partnership kits and not our general inventory.

    Once we have exhausted all options we will likely need to mail you a new kit free of charge. When you contact us please include your best, most recent mailing address so that we can ship the kit to you.
  •   Has My Sample Arrived At Your Lab?
  • Seaport Diagnostics's lab and headquarters are located in Boston's 1,000-acre Innovation District at the following address. Seaport Diagnostics 27 Drydock Ave. 3rd Floor Boston, MA 02210 Once you have mailed your sample in our prepaid mailer we will receive it and scan your unique personalized code on the side of your swab. This is known as accessioning and once that happens you will be notified at the email you signed up with and in a notification in your iOS or Android mobile device.

Kit Usage

  •   How To Register Your DNA Test Kit
  • Congratulations on your new Seaport Diagnostics DNA test kit and welcome to our community!

    Please carefully follow the steps below to register your swab code.

    If you have any questions please visit our Help section of our website or submit a support request.

    1. Open box and assemble the following contents:
    1. Plastic swab zipper bag
    2. DNA swab
    3. Prepaid USPS mailer (will be in the form of an envelope or box)
    2. Download the Orig3n LifeProfile mobile application
    • Search the words “Seaport Diagnostics” or “LifeProfile” in the Apple App or Google Play Store
    • Download the application to your mobile device
    3. Create an account on LifeProfile
    • Type in the email you’d like to use, it will show a prompt that you are not registered and ask if you would like to.
    • Fill out the information
    • Navigate to the verification email and verify your account
    • Login and verify your country
    • Electronically sign terms of service and privacy policy
    4. Register your cheek swab
    • Click on the three lines in the top right-hand corner of the application
    • Click white box that states “Register Cheek Swab”
    • Scan barcode sticker on the swab tube (not the UPC Box code)
    • Press the “I agree” button
    5. Collect your DNA Sample
    • Grasp the swab tube container on both end and pull with a slight twist
    • Do not discard the tube container sleeve and do not touch the fuzzy tip of the swab with your hands.
    • Do not eat immediately before swabbing and rinse you mouth with water first
    • Swab vigorously on the inside of both cheeks – approximately 20 times on each side.
    • Place swab back into the collection tube
    • Insert swab collection tube into the long plastic bag and close zipper seal
    6. Prepare swab for shipment to our lab
    • Place plastic bag into the USPS prepaid return envelope or box.
    • Drop envelope or box into any USPS mailbox
    • DO NOT mail your swab without registering the code first or without the tube container.
    7. Receive results
    • You will receive an email confirming receipt when we scan it into the lab.
    • Your results will be ready 6 to 8 weeks from the time we receive your swab.
    • You may need to log out and log back into the application after being notified that your results are ready.
    Thank you and we look forward to delivering your unique results!
  •   Will My Results Include Ancestry Information?
  • At this time, Seaport Diagnostics DNA Test results focus on wellness insights and do not offer any information related to your personal ancestry or heritage.
  •   Registering Significant Others And Children
  • Currently it is important that customers DO NOT register multiple people to the same email address.

    The owner of the account needs to be 18 years of age or older.

    Each unique swab must be registered to a single unique email.

    As an example, please DO NOT register Person1, Person2, and Person 3 to

    Register Person1 to

    Register Person2 to

    Register Person3 to

    We are currently working on an update in our app that will allow for families, significant others, and children to register under a single interface in the future.

LifeProfile Mobile App

  •   How do I print my results?
  • Congratulations! Your results have been published! Follow these steps to print a PDF version of your report:

    1. Open the Seaport Diagnostics App located on your iOS or Android device and log in to your LifeProfile account

    (Note: You may need to log out and back in to allow the application to refresh)

    2. Choose the test you wish to print your results for

    3. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click “Download PDF Report”

    4. Choose your preferred email application to “download” your report

    5. Email your report to yourself with the PDF attachment included. Once sent you will be able to open and print from a computer.

    If you have any questions or issues please reach out to our support team and use the issue category: Mobile App Issues

  •   What If I Don't Have A Mobile Device?
  • To register your swab(s) all customers MUST use an iOS or Android compatible mobile device.

    We understand that some customers may not wish to use their phone but at this time it is required.

    You can use a friend or family member's device as long as you enter your own information when prompted.

    Just type in your personal information to create a new account and then scanning or typing in the swab code found on the side of your collection container.

    Once your your Seaport Diagnostis LifeProfile test results have been completed you can view them on the same mobile device you used to register.

  •   Which Email Address Did I Use?
  • If you forgot which email address you used to create your Seaport Diagnostics LifeProfile to sign up please contact us and include your full name in your message.

    We will reply with your correct email.

  •   Locating your unique swab bar code
  • We’ve noticed that some customers are attempting to register the 12 digit retail UPC code on the back of the box. This will result in a "duplicate barcode" error.

    Please type or scan the code on the side of the swab tube container instead.

  •   Forgot your password?
  • To reset your password click the "Forgot Password" text in your app.